Dancing with beasts

by Allison Apple

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Brian Dickens
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Brian Dickens Saw Allison Apple in Brattleboro, VT where I believe she does not live currently/anymore. But wherever they are, such place is made better by their presence. Such a unique and well executed take on what it is to be a singer/songwriter. Favorite track: Spineless.
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released January 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Allison Apple Tucson, Arizona

dear diary.......

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Track Name: January
another year to begin
another year winding down
and i can't even begin to express
all that i'm feeling right now

some motion got stirred in me,
when i took to the notion to step on back and see
all that i have done, what i could become
easier said than done but i'm tired of excuses,
after excuses, after excuses

'cause if i had a dime for how many times
i let my own bullshit dictate my whole life
i'd be a damn millionaire by now.
but what's that have to do with how you were forced
all those times just to be sure i'd make it through the night?

and it would be the dirtiest lie of all
if i were to tell you all
that person you saw wasn't me at all
no that girl you just witnessed, eyes full of vacancy
she remains to be, she remains to be
yeah she remains to be just another part of me.
Track Name: Untitled
i saw you from the corner of my eye,
shifting your eyes and walking on by.
well i stay away from what makes me suffocate,
when i see your tantrums and remember
that i haven't been doing much better.

finding ways to escape and the chemicals
in our brains where the darkest illusions breed
the darkest illusions breed

you feel it too yeah i know that you feel it too
you said it for hours between our two pillows
nobody's perfect man, yeah nobody's perfect

but you're better, you're better, i swear that you're better
than what your brain tries to make you think that you deserve
and i hope more than anything that you'll win in the end
Track Name: Beasts
pour down your misery, baby
'cause i don't know what's good for me
but it's so appealing to unleash
and i just wanna tame that beast

but i've got one of my own,
and yours has got me all alone
cornered in the dark
it's gonna leave its mark

so do me a favor and stay where you are.

rebuilt my walls from the cold soft earth,
i know my place, yeah i know my place.
Track Name: Spineless
have you ever been dehumanized to the point where you believe it
always getting criticized for disregarding the lines
that we've crossed time after time
that we've crossed time after time

cause there's sharks in this here world that disguise themselves as allies.
and i've tried to compromise with myself
that all this hatred can't be good for your health.
but i know i've been here before.
yeah, i know i have been here before.

cause there's evils in this here world and that's for fucking sure
once shadows kept me up at night, well not anymore.
cause now all i see
is what's in front of me

demons with human faces walking by me in the street.

but when i'm feeling spineless i just hold the one i found in place.
yeah when i'm feeling spineless i just hold the one i found in place.

and then i'm safe, yeah then i'm safe.
Track Name: Lil things that'll never get old
it's so good to see you again,
it has certainly been a while.
sorry i'm not so good with words right now
small talk was never really my style

you could tell me all you've seen
but that could take forever
so let's ride our bikes out west
a couple of miles to the river

and if you jump, i'll jump
into those icy unknown waters
you could teach me how to swim
in a way i'm not so familiar with

spent most of our days
watchin the birds in the driveway
they're building their nests hidden in the wood panels
till the sun sets and for a moment everything turns into gold
little things that'll never get old.
Track Name: Driving
i like the way that the wind blows my hair a'tossin
the window's wide open, the highway's wide open

i like the way that the colors in the sky,
that the colors in the sky,
that the colors in the sky
they dance and fade into the night

in the passenger's seat you tell me they don't understand,
you tell me they don't understand
you tell me they don't understand
these shadows that see you through the night.

i like the way that you think exactly what you say
you think exactly what you say
you think exactly what you say,
even though you'd rather say nothing

i left this town when i was almost nineteen,
my feet had me itchin' for anything uncertain
if you know what i mean.

so i stick out my feet and i lean my face out the window
to breathe in everything so that i can remember
all the reasons to stay before those reasons went away
before i got fed up with this weather